1.2.2024 – 30.11.2024

KOHT’INNO promotes co-operation between enterprises in Central Ostrobothnia in the development and adoption of new technologies for wellness and health. The project helps to identify and utilize expertise from different sectors and find innovative ways to apply technology in the social, health and wellness sectors. It aims to strengthen the region’s RDI competence and create new business, while promoting the development of Central Ostrobothnia as an innovation region and creating opportunities for new jobs.

The project promotes multidisciplinary co-operation between companies in the region and the identification of potential applications for technological solutions. In addition, KOHT’INNO aims to raise awareness of the opportunities offered by wellness and health technologies among service providers and to strengthen regional RDI activities, especially in the areas of digital health services.

KOHT’INNO will strengthen the region’s innovation ecosystem in health and wellness technologies, enabling the development and exploitation of new technologies. The aim is to meet the needs of businesses in the region and create conditions for the emergence of new business in the health and wellness sector.


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1.1.2024 – 31.12.2026

The LENTOON project helps enterprises in Central Ostrobothnia to develop market- and user-oriented wellness and health technologies. The project funded by the European Regional Development Fund. It is co-funded by the cities of Kokkola and Kannus and Centria.

We utilize the most efficient product development processes in the industry and support enterprises in managing the latest marketing evaluation criteria. The project will bring together commercial, technical and healthcare expertise and methodologies in a new way and create a new approach to help companies’ innovations succeed commercially. We also aim to diversify and grow the region’s economic activity.

Our main focus is to support successful, systematic and process-oriented product development from idea to commercial product in the region’s wellness and health technology companies.


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1.9.2023 – 31.8.2026

There is a growing need for technology-oriented solutions and multidisciplinary personnel expertise in Finland and in all industrialized countries. Identified sectors that require competence development, more skilled workforce, and new training opportunities include, for example, the social and healthcare sector, which are also clear sectors of growth and restructuring.

Social and healthcare professionals must have knowledge of various technology solutions, the ability to guide customers in the use of technology and innovate new usage possibilities. For the sectors of technology, wellness and health technology as an industry offers significant growth potential both domestically and from an export perspective.

In addition to a high level of technology expertise, success in the sectors requires multi-level customer understanding and knowledge of agile co-development operating models as well as knowledge of the regulations and laws that govern medical devices.

RoboPop, HealthLab as an environment for continuous learning, is a project to create a local knowledge ecosystem and improve health and wellbeing technology education. The main objective of the RoboPop project is to improve the quality and supply of education by promoting multidisciplinary wellness and health technology expertise in Central Ostrobothnia.

The target groups of the project in the Central Ostrobothnia region are

The objectives of the project are to


The aim of the AKKE-funded (Supporting the regions’ sustainable growth and vitality) COMEA project is to clarify the good practices and pitfalls related to Centria HealthLab’s operation (wellbeing and health technology development in the region) by means of benchmarking. On the basis of the information collected through the needs assessment prepared with the network and systematic benchmarking, as well as on the basis of previous development work, development processes can be initiated in accordance with the priorities of smart specialization for the benefit of the region.

Within the HIPPA-Remote we create and test user-centric remote and hybrid development solutions for development of new innovative digital products targeted to the customers of housing services. HIPPA-Remote sister projects are implemented simultaneously in three provinces: at Central Ostrobothnia coordinated by Centria, at Tampere region by TAMK and at Helsinki-Uusimaa by Metropolia. The project is funded from ERDF as part of the activities of EU in response to COVID-19 pandemic.

9/2019 – 3/2023

ERDF project RoboSote operating in Central Ostrobothnian region aimed to increasing the knowledge of wellbeing and health technologies. It also supported the collaboration between the industry’s actors to develop new solutions for the needs of the sector. The devices acquired by RoboSote enable the experiments in the HealthLab.