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With Centria HealthLab experts, you can get information and try out the latest wellness and medical technologies based on digitalization, robotics, artificial intelligence, XR-technology and automation. Our mobile equipment includes solutions for independent and safe living, devices for remote communication and diagnostics, rehabilitation technology, technology for maintaining functional capacity and activity, and assisting with daily healthcare tasks.

iXu bear

iXu bear is a Finnish wellbeing application that allows you to send a remote touch. With the mobile app you...
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Mototiles are exercise tiles for motor skills and balance. 10 tiles and a tablet with a collection of games and...
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Somnox is a sleep robot that makes it easier to fall asleep. The robot guides you to breathe calmly, which...
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Vibro-acoustic bean bag

Vibro-acoustic bean bag converts sound into vibrations that can be felt in your whole body. The bean bag can be...
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Yeti-tablet is a large 55” tablet with an Android operating system. The tablet can be used in recreational activities and...
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Joyvest activity vest motivates you to move around with music. The vest comes preinstalled with iconic Finnish songs. Music plays...
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Medeka virtual training software motivates you to exercise. Compatible with all fitness bikes, treadmills and restorator bikes, the software can...
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CRDL is a device designed to support interaction. It transforms touch into various sounds. The device was originally developed for...
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